IVF with Donor Eggs

This form of assisted reproduction involves eggs retrieval from young, healthy donors fertilised in a laboratory, then transferred into the recipient woman’s uterus.

The treatment, thanks to the youth and health of egg donors, has a high pregnancy success rate. Recipients can be treated up to the age of 55.

Egg donation IVF is more expensive than using your own eggs, because the donor requires screening, medication, blood tests and specialist visits.


Who would require IVF with Donor Eggs? 

  • Couples who have failed to conceive via less complicated medical procedures, such as Timed intercourse and IUI.
  • Couples with tubal problems
  • Couples affected by male infertility
  • LGBTQ couples using donor eggs and/or sperm
  • Women with unexplained infertility
  • Women with severe endometriosis
  • When one or both partners are HIV positive

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