IVF with Donor Sperm

IVF with sperm donation involves using donor sperm cells rather than of a male partner, to fertilise a woman’s eggs in a laboratory.

The treatment which is possible due to young and healthy sperm donors, has a high pregnancy success rate. This treatment is usually available for women up to the age of 55.

When would sperm donation be necessary?

  • When the quality of the male partner’s sperm is not able to inseminate the egg.
  • For same sex couples and single women. Although artificial insemination is usually the treatment of choice for single women, for same-sex couples, donor sperm IVF is the most popular choice by means of reciprocal IVF. In this instance, one partner would donate their eggs, and the other would carry the pregnancy.
  • In the event that cancer treatment has left a man infertile.
  • For hereditary diseases, using donor sperm is advisable to avoid passing te disease onto the child.
  • In cases of zero sperm count, very low sperm collection  or very low sperm motility.


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