…A day after we found out our 12th cycle had failed, a friend texted me and mentioned that she had looked into using donor eggs herself a while back and told me to check out South Africa. I typed ‘donor eggs south africa’ into Google straight away and there your webpage appeared – truly like a fairy godmother!

And just over two months later, here I am in South Africa with much better odds than we ever had with any of our own cycles. So whatever the outcome, I just wanted to let you ladies know how grateful I am for your help, and for making a daunting process seem quite effortless in the end, and for giving us hope again.  I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends in a similar predicament.  Thanks very much Nurture!


Even though you must have been through hundreds of egg donations, I felt that you understood what it was like for me as a first time recipient. You were patient, and always available – you answered questions that I should have been able to ask my doctor but didn’t feel comfortable doing. You literally changed my life – our beautiful daughter Grace was born 4 years ago and is everything to us.
Thank you Nurture xxx


Nurture is an amazing company. The program offers something extremely special to both donor and recipient, in a safe, secure and supportive environment. I highly recommend them if you are considering either.


…All the time I felt that Tertia understood what a woman facing infertility problems feels like, and she respected how much I wanted to know. She respected the time I needed without pressurising, but she also gave the right support at the right moment. I saw that she and Melany gave support and motivation to the donors, gave me confidence that I was not abusing the generosity of this young woman. The donor and I are anonymous to each other, but Tertia and Melany treated us both as special women with a very special bond to each other.


…Once I had grieved the loss of not being able to have another child which was biologically mine, I looked at adoption and then egg donation. I chose egg donation because I wanted to experience pregnancy again, give the children a biological connection as well as being the fastest and most affordable option available to us.

We chose Nurture because we wanted a local South African company to benefit financially. Nuture were fantastic, they answered every request and question I had. The process was very streamlined with Nuture and I was given a high quality service.

Elvira Giannitto