Free Consultation With MFSA

Set up an initial free consultation with My Fertility SA to discuss why you should consider fertility treatment in South Africa and some options to consider in terms of clinic/physician and donor agency if you’re a donor patient. We will also send you a medical questionnaire for completion.

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Step 2

Free 45 Minute Skype Call With Fertility Specialist

45 minute free initial Skype consultation with the specialist physician to discuss your treatment options. This is a detailed call to go over your medical history, test results and possible reasons for prior failures and discuss a plan of action to best achieve your pregnancy.

Detailed Treatment Plan

A dedicated Nurse Coordinator will send you a detailed treatment plan. You could plan on being in South Africa for 3 weeks for IVF treatment, but it may be possible to start your fertility injections at home, which will reduce your stay in South Africa to 2 weeks.

Step 3

Step 4

Full Cost Breakdown & Treatment Plan from MFSA

My Fertility SA will send a complete cost breakdown of the treatment plan and any optional extras. We are also available to help you with travel packages including flights and accommodation to suit your budget as well as tourist excursions. We will provide you with a 14/21 day itinerary for your stay and coordinate with the various local service providers to ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay.

Precycle Lab Tests

Complete your Pre-cycle lab tests. We will work with your GP, local Doctor or Consultant Gynaecologist to perform these so your cycle can commence.

Step 5

Step 6

Medication Begins

Once these tests are completed, your IVF cycle can begin by taking the Birth Control Pill. After 2-4 weeks on the Pill, your down-regulation will continue with the use of a subcutaneous injection, for another 10 days approximately. At this stage, down-regulation will be confirmed by an ultrasound or blood test with your own Doctor. Full cycle payment is due at this time.

Fertility Injections Begin

You will then begin your Fertility Injections as instructed. These are daily injections which your Nurse will review with you and your partner.

Step 7

Step 8

Bon Voyage to South Africa

Six days later you will fly to South Africa where you will be met at the airport by your driver who will then take you to your hotel. You will meet your physician and nurse coordinator on the 1st or 2nd day of your stay in the beautiful Mother City, Cape Town, South Africa.

Connect with your Fertility Clinic re: next steps

You will be monitored in South Africa for the next few days until you are ready for egg retrieval and embryo transfer.

Step 9

Step 10

IVF Treatment

Between your procedures and appointments, relax and enjoy all the wonderful beaches, restaurants and tourist attractions that Cape Town has to offer. Combining stress reduction with your IVF treatment is important to give yourself the best possible chance of achieving a pregnancy.

Fly Home & Pregnancy Test

After your procedures are finished and your relaxing holiday is over, you will fly back home and we will instruct you about performing your pregnancy test 2 weeks after embryo transfer. We’ll be wishing you many sprinkles of baby-dust.

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