Dear Dr Unterslak and team at Vitalab

It is with such joy and gratitude that we wish to share the news of baby Thomas Stephen Hooper’s safe arrival on the 26 September.

Thank you so much for the role you played in helping us to fall pregnant and for all the support and good wishes. Thomas is an answer to many prayers and a healing blessing. His brother and sister are overjoyed to have a little brother and love him to bits, as do we all.

Thank you for the special work you do.

Best wishes and kind regards
John and Jen


On Monday (30th Sept), I gave birth to my second Vitalab miracle! Welcome to the world Liev Patrick Hurly.

We can never thank the amazing Vitalab staff enough. We are complete…

Sasha Vivier Hurly‎


To Everyone at Vitalab. We could not wait to introduce our bundle of joy, Noah.

We are all doing very well. He weighed 3,2kg and measured 50cm. Very healthy and happy. 

Sister Ann, thank you for being so efficient and organizing our protocols. Waiting for your phone call on the 6th of April, is one I will never forget, you gave us the best news ever, “It’s a positive, you’re pregnant”. Dr Venter thank you for your patience when we asked one hundred questions. Thank you for making us comfortable and for all your reassurance throughout the process. You always gave us hope, even when it all seemed impossible. 

Greg and I wanted to thank you all for what you have done for us and for never giving up on our dream to have a child. 

Words cannot express the joy that parenthood has brought to our lives. Every moment with our little guy is precious. We will be forever grateful. Forever thankful.


For me, it was pure luck. I googled all of the clinics and then told my hubby these are the options And he just chose Vitalab lol. So happy he did! We phoned that same day and we were helped there and then with friendliness and kindness. Only after that, I did more research into Vitalab and was so very happy we found it because every review I read was just good all round. I love dr Venter. We both feel so comfortable with him. He includes my husband in all of it and my hubby likes that. There is really no price too high. You can’t put a Rand value on a life ❤️